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Pikes Peak Test Labs
Calibration Services

We have a long history serving Colorado Springs, and the greater area with our expert electrical calibration and mechanical calibration services.

Our calibrations are performed in accordance with the ANSI Z540 standard. Our quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified. All of our calibrations are tracable to NIST standards.

Calibration Capabilities

Electrical Calibration

Arbitrary Signal Generators
Function Generators
Pulse Generators
Clamp Meters
Micro-Ohm Meters
Bench Multimeters
AC and DC Power Supplies
Hipot Testers
Insulation Testers
Frequency Counters
Rubidium Frequency Standards
Microwave Frequency Counters
RF Signal Generators
Sweep Oscillators
Power Meter with Power Sensors
Spectrum Analyzers 
Precision Component Analyzers
LCR Testers
Documenting Process Calibrator
ESD Meters and ESD Testers
ESD Mats
Resistivity/Surface Meters
Battery Chargers
Aircraft Battery Chargers
Battery Testers
Plating Rectifiers

Length Measurement Calibration

Caliper Masters 
Grade 2 Gage Blocks
Grade 3 Gage Blocks
Commercial Grade Gage Blocks
Feeler Gages
Height Gages and Standards
Height Masters
Riser Blocks
1-2-3 Blocks
Super Micrometers
I.D. and O.D. Micrometers
Bench Micrometers
Laser Micrometers
Snap Micrometers
Depth Micrometers 
Thread Pitch Micrometers
Depth Micrometers
Thread Pitch Micrometers
Micrometer Masters
Radius and Chamfer Gauges
Rulers and Tape Measures
X-Y Digital Readout scale
Optical Comparators
Coordinate Measuring Machines 
Space Blocks
Parallels 2-Sided and 4-Sided

Pressure and Flow Calibration

Pressure Gauges
Bordon Tube Type Gauges
Digital Pressure Gauges
Aircraft Pressure Gauges
Oleo Pressure Gauges
Backflow Gauges
Hydraulic Pressure Gauges
Tire Pressure Gauges
Refrigerant Manifold Gauges
Magnahelic Pressure Gauges
Differential Pressure Gauges
Vacuum Gauges
Flow Controllers

Temperature and Humidity Calibration

IR Thermometers
Digital Thermometers
Glass Thermometers
Bi-metal Thermometers
Temp/Humidity Sensors
Temp/Humidity Recorders
Oven Profiles

Torque Calibration

Torque Wrenches
Digital Torque Wrenches
Dial-Type Torque Wrenches
Split-Beam Torque Wrenches
Torque Drivers
Torque Watches
Torque Analyzers

Diameter/Thread Calibration

4 to 80 Threads/in. Thread Plugs
0.35 mm to 2.5 mm Pitch Thread Plugs
Thread Ring Gauges
Thread Measuring Wires
Pin Gauges 
Plain Plug Gauges


We have been serving industries in Colorado Springs since 1987, in the Aerospace, Defense, Semiconductor, Medical, and Manufacturing industries.