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Environmental Testing

Weather it is MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-750, or customer specified testing conditions, PPTLI's aerospace customers depend on our environmental services lab to prove thier products will perform in the extreme environments they will be deployed in. 

We undergo regular audits from the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) and they consider PPTLI to be a suitable lab to perform environmental services.

We offer: 
Thermal Shock (Liquid-to-Liquid or Air-to-Air)
Temperature Cycle / Humidity Cycle
Moisture Soak and Moisture Resistance
Salt Atmosphere
Burn-in (Powered or Unpowered)

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Failure Analysis

We offer:
Counterfeit Detection
SEM Analysis (Scanning Electronic Microscope)
EDX Analysis
External and Internal Inspection
Bond Strength and Bond Fatigue Analysis

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